About Dominic

Dominic founded Xentum in 2004, determined to offer clients a different style of financial planning. At the time, the financial services industry was almost wholly commission based. Dominic couldn’t see how this was in a client’s best interest, so right from the outset Xentum offered fee-based financial planning. Dominic established a unique, ‘team based’ approach to financial planning; our recommendations are based on the combined expertise of our entire team of specialists, not the belief of one consultant.

Roles and Responsibilities

Dominic’s role within the company has necessarily changed over the years. He is still responsible for the overall running and direction of the company, but having such a highly-qualified team allows him to stand back and take a wide overview of clients’ finances.

Dominic says…

“Financial planning isn’t just a destination, it’s also a journey. My role is to help clients see the bigger picture and to have the long-term vision to see the final destination – and to make sure they enjoy the journey!”

Dominic’s ethos

Dominic wanted to set up a business he could be confident would look after his family's finances if he was no longer here. He extends that requirement to the families of all Xentum’s clients.


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Frequently Asked Questions

I don’t know what you do. Is it to do with investments?

Investments are an important part of what we do in the context of the overall picture. Most of our time is spent managing people’s money; making sure it works as hard as possible. First, we build a picture of where you are today in financial terms, then we look to where you’d like to be. Once we know that, we’ll build you a bespoke plan that will help you to realise your financial goals.

Do I have enough money to need financial advice?

We strongly believe that financial advice should be available to anyone who wants it, and we’ll help wherever we can. As long as we think we can make a difference to your financial security we will find a way of working that works for you.

Why should I choose Xentum?

We have been in the marketplace for 13 years, we have a proven track record and have grown – and helped our clients to grow – through the recession. Our team have a range of specialisms but we all understand people’s concerns, know the financial markets inside out, and make people’s money work harder on a daily basis.

Am I protected and what are the risks?

The Financial Ombudsman Service is available to sort out individual complaints that clients and financial services businesses aren’t able to resolve themselves.  To contact the Financial Ombudsman Service, please visit www.financial-ombudsman.org.uk  The value of your investment and the income derived from it can go down as well as up and you may get back less than you originally invested.

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